Welcome to Ito Thermie Therapy

Ito Thermie is a natural, Japanese healing method, supporting body, mind and spirit. To receive Ito Thermie treatments will ignite your healing process and you will experience deep relaxation. In deep relaxation our natural healing ability starts working. 
 Ito Thermie helps the blood circulation, the lymphatic flow and the detoxification. Your immune system will be strengthened, the metabolism stimulated and the hormonal balance reestablished. 

Beside receiving Ito Thermie treatments, you can learn how to treat yourself, family and friends. Ito Thermie practitioners treat themselves daily and become and stay healthy. Ito Thermie is a healing and preventive method.
The full body treatment with Ito Thermie takes 15-20 minutes.

Ito Thermie has been helping many people in Japan with diseases like cancer, metabolic syndrome, allergies and auto-immune sickness, depression…
Ito Thermie is also very helpful for children with hyper activity

As it calms the mind, Ito Thermie is a beautiful preparation for meditation.

Ito Thermie in Europe

Ito Thermie in Europe is regulated by the Ito Thermie Shinyukai organization in Japan. Champaka Masato Yoshie is responsible for Ito Thermie in Europe. All people listed on this site as Ito Thermie Therapists, are registered members and part of the Ito Thermie Shinyukai organization.

Dr.Motoaki Ito is the head of the Ito Thermie school and Mr.Yasuhisa Ito is the head of the Ito Thermie Shinyukai organization.