How Ito Thermie works


Box of Ito Thermie incense, Ito Thermie incense sticks, a loquat leaf, Ito Thermie instruments: inner tubes with incense inserted, outer tubes in front

Ito Thermie is a warming, heat-stimulant therapy synthesizing the principles of thermal energy, finger-pressure therapy, massage and aroma therapy. Ito Thermie stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, hormonal and autonomic nervous systems, through the skin. It can be used to give a treatment to others and also as a self-treatment to become or stay healthy.

Thermie incense sticks used as a heat source are prepared from several varieties of plants including moxa, pine, cedar, loquat and other nutritional substances.

igniting Thermie incense

The thermal energy is radiated from ignited Thermie incense sticks inserted into tubes. Treating the whole body stimulates the metabolism and the immune system. The effect is enhanced by inhalation of the medicinal herbs in the smoke. Due to eastern understanding having pain or sickness indicates coldness in the body. The transmitted Ito Thermie heat stays in the body for about 24 hours and continues helping the body to return to a balanced state.  The blood circulation increases and the detoxification process of all organs is enhanced.
A whole body session serves to expel disease and to promote an experience of deep relaxation. In deep relaxation the natural healing ability that everybody has is stimulated. When the body is at ease diseases will disappear and you will feel at ease with yourself. Body and mind, heart and soul are treated as one organic unity.

Interested in learning Ito Thermie? The first step is to participate a three day Basic training workshop. For workshops with Champaka look under Ito Thermie Basic Workshops or contact the Ito Thermie Basic teachers.


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